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Web site linksWeb links - Aboriginal Society and History

This page lists the best Web site links that we could find to give you further information about broad aspects of Aboriginal society and history. Go back to the Arts Links page for links on these topics:

  • Aboriginal art
  • Aboriginal languages
  • Aboriginal music
  • Aboriginal arts organisations
  • land rights and management
  • native title

A separate page gives links to useful arts search engines and sites. For information about investing in Aboriginal art, see the pages on the Aboriginal art market.

General information sources

Aboriginal Flag

The Aboriginal Flag was designed by Harold Thomas in 1971. The black represents the Aboriginal people, the red the earth and their spiritual relationship to the land, and the yellow the sun, the giver of life.

Aboriginal Flag - Where to Buy One

The Aboriginal Flag was licensed by its designer, Harold Thomas, for reproduction by only one company, Carroll and Richardson. You can buy authorized flags from this Web site.

Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Library and Information Resource Network

The Network has been involved in developing the Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander protocols for libraries, archives and information services. These protocols were published in 1995 and are intended to guide libraries, archives and information services in appropriate ways to interact with Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples

Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Statistics

This is an excellent overview of statistics about Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples prepared in 2008 by the Australian Human Rights Commission. It gives statistics on population, languages, health, education, housing and other aspects of contemporary Indigenous life.

Aboriginal Studies WWW Virtual Library

This online research tool is outstanding. It is regularly updated and is very wide in its scope. All links are inspected and evaluated before being added to the Virtual Library.

Australia Council for the Arts - Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Arts

The Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Arts Board assists Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people to claim, control and enhance their cultural inheritance. The Board supports this through its grants and the national Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Arts Policy.

Australia Council for the Arts - Indigenous Cultural Protocols

The Council has released a revised edition of its protocol guides to help Australians better understand the use of Indigenous cultural material. One of the guides applies to visual arts. They were written by Indigenous intellectual property lawyers Terri Janke and Robynne Quiggin.


Resources on Aboriginal Australia, including an on-line database of languages, nations and tribes, research on the Western Desert with on-line bibliographic database, book reviews, conference announcements, kinship tutorial, discussion forum etc.

Australian Institute of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Studies

The AIATSIS web site gives information about specialised resources including library and collections, publications, research work, news and events.

Centre for Aboriginal Economic Policy Research

The Centre is a multi-disciplinary social sciences research centre at the Australian National University with a primary focus on indigenous Australian economic policy and economic development issues, including native title and land rights, social justice, and the socioeconomic status of indigenous Australians.

Indigenous Australians - Australian Museum Online

Through the themes of spirituality, cultural heritage, family, land and social justice, this exhibition explores the depth and diversity of the cultures and experiences of Australia's Indigenous peoples.

Indigenous Cultural and Intellectual Property rights

The 'Our Culture: Our Future' Report from 1998 maps the rights that Indigenous Australians want over their cultural heritage and analyses the laws and policies that affect the ability of Indigenous Australians to realise these rights.

Magabala Books

Magabala Books is an Indigenous Australian publishing house that publishes works by Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander authors and editors. They produce a variety of well written and designed books for adults (history, culture, biography, fiction) and children (stories, picture books).

Message Stick - ABC Indigenous media

This ABC site gives information about the ABC's Indigenous production across Radio, Television and the Web and is a useful information source for business, media and education on Indigenous issues such as protocol as well as intellectual copyright and culture.

Tasmanian Aboriginal Cultural Protocols

Arts Tasmania has released a protocols guide for Tasmanian Aboriginal arts projects. The booklet, was written by Jim Everett and is based on the Australia Council's Indigenous protocols series. To locate it, use the search function with "Respecting Cultures" as the search term.

'White Australia has a Black History'

Paper by John Thompson for a conference in September 1995 - it gives sources for indigenous studies in the National Library of Australia.


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