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Traditional Aboriginal ArtBalgo Hills Region - Photographic Tour


Balgo is a very remote community, with access either by the weekly mail plane or by a long drive on corrugated red sandy roads, that are often cut by flood waters in the wet season. The dominant colours in the landscape are the red of the sand hills, the blue of the clear skies, and the flashes of green from desert plants.

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Balgo (Wirrimanu) Community and Art Centre

Balgo Pound
Balgo Pound - Looking south from Balgo community


Burnt scrub near Balgo
In the Balgo Pound, in a burnt patch of country fired by the local residents


Balgo art centre
Balgo Art centre (on the right) and the recently completed Culture Centre (left)


Spinifex and red pebbles
Spinifex on hard red pebble ground - typical of the country near Balgo

Dingo asleep on painting
Pet dingo asleep inside the art centre on a beautiful painting by Eubena


Weekly mail plane at Balgo
Arrival of the weekly mail plane at the Balgo air strip - formal dress required!


Balgo church
Balgo Church built of stone in the 1960s


Balgo communuty centre
The centre of Balgo community


Balgo store
The main store at Balgo, with new termite-resistant steel framed house being built behind.


Polling booth at Balgo
Voting in November 2001 in the Federal election - the local community office was the polling office for voting.


All photographs above are by Martin Wardrop of Aboriginal Art Online and are copyright.


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