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Balgo country and cultureBalgo Country and Culture


The people of Balgo have a strong connection to their country and their culture. For a visitor, this is particularly evident through ceremonies, dances and painting, and through the continuing practice of hunting and collecting bush foods (tucker). The photographs below show some of the activities that people of Balgo carry out in their daily lives.

Photographs are from various sources and are copyright Warlayirti Artists.

Lake Mackay
Tjumpo walking on the shores of Lake Mackay (Wilkinkarra), far south of Balgo


Spinifex country
Eubena walking in spinifex country while traveling down the Canning Stock Route south of Balgo


Digging for frogs
Tjemma (Freda) digging for bushtucker (frogs) in sandy soil


Frog - bush tucker
"Frog frog" - a popular bush food dug out of the sandy soil by women

A fine catch of goannas


Shaping a wooden shield
Balgo man shaping a shield


Digging for wirtchetty grubs
Digging for witchetty grubs that live in the roots and stems of acacia trees


Witchetty grubs
Large, fat witchetty grubs - a popular bush food eaten roasted


Painted for dancing
Painted for dancing in a public ceremony


Body painting
Body painting using ochre and fine white clay ground and mixed with water


Sand painting
Patterns and designs marked in red sand - these design elements are often used in paintings in acrylic


Sand painting with feathers
Detail of a large sand painting made with sand, clay and fine white feathers



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