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Traditional Aboriginal ArtBalgo Artists at Work


Balgo artists are renowned for their use of brilliant acrylic paint and their strong commitment to their country and culture. The photographs below show some of the leading Balgo artists painting in the art centre, or while out in their country during the course of making the video Painting Country.

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All photographs are by Tim Acker of Warlayirti Artists or Martin Wardrop of Aboriginal Art Online and are copyright.

Helicopter Tjungarrayi in the bush while traveling for the making of the video "Painting Country"


Helicopter painting
Helicopter at work on a large canvas in the Balgo art centre in November 2001


Eubena Nampitjin in late afternoon light while out in the bush.


Eubena painting
Eubena painting in the late afternoon, sitting next to a camp fire.

Helicopter and Lucy Yukenbarri
Helicopter and Lucy Yukenbarri working on canvases, surrounded by spinifex, while out in the bush.


Elizabeth Nyumi painting
Close-up showing the way that Elizabeth Nyumi applies thick dots to her painting using a small stick.


Artists painting
Group of Balgo artists working outdoors at the cool time of year on a collaborative painting.
Artists at Culture centre opening
Artists walking on a huge canvas displayed at the opening of the Balgo Culture Centre


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