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Aboriginal Art Online Australian Aboriginal Art

Contemporary Aboriginal art is a vital part of the world's oldest continuous cultural tradition. It is also one of the most brilliant and exciting areas of modern art.

You can experience this richness by selecting from our range of quality paintings and limited edition prints by Aboriginal artists - together with information and comment to help understand the art works.

Because we work directly with Aboriginal community art centres, you can select from authentic works at very competitive prices - and much of the income goes to the artists themselves! All paintings come with certificates of authenticity issued by the artist's community art centre.

Visit our online galleries and explore the articles by experts, photographs and a wide range of information on Aboriginal art, culture and communities, using the navigation bar on the left. The most recent works on the site are listed under Latest Additions.

You can also buy books about Aboriginal art and culture from our online shop. Shopping with your credit card is totally safe, backed by our guarantee of on-line security.

Dialysis program sale Western Desert Dialysis Sale Closing Soon - But first some big reductions!

Until the end of April 2015 we are holding a sale of paintings to raise funds for the Western Desert Dialysis Program. This Program helps Aboriginal patients to receive medical treatment for kidney disease and to operate dialysis facilities in their home communities in the western and central deserts.

The prices of all remaining unsold paintings have just been reduced in price by $50 to $200 (depending on their original price).

The paintings have all been donated by individuals to support this cause and the entire proceeds from the sale of each work will go to the Program. Paintings in the sale range from larger, more expensive works to smaller pieces at modest prices.

Eunice Yunurupa Porter
Rama Sampson
Alice Nampitjinpa
Eunice Yunurupa Porter
Two Wanambi
102x152 cm 2004
Rama Sampson
60x90 cm 2004
Alice Nampitjinpa
Flowers in the tali
91x122 cm 2003
Carmel Yukenbarri
Ngamaru Bidu
Gordon Ingkatji

Carmel Yukenbarri
80x120 cm 2005

Ngamaru Bidu
Nyakan Soak
80x110 cm 2008

Gordon Ingkatji
97x121 cm 2007

Paintings Paintings

The Aboriginal Paintings Gallery offers an exciting selection of contemporary works from across Australia. They range from affordable collector's pieces to more expensive works of museum quality. To see where these regions and art centres are located, see the Map of Australia (opens in a new browser window).



Ikuntji (Haasts Bluff)

Jane Gimme
Doug Abbott
James Range
Linda Ngitjanka Grevillea and Puli


Lockhart River


East Kimberley
Jack Britten

Lockhart River
Elizabeth Giblet

Martin Tjampitjinpa

Tiwi Islands



Tiwi Islands
Nina Puruntatameri
Melissa Martin
Biddee Baadjo




Sandra Goodwin
Maringka Baker
Pukara - Dangerous Place
Spinifex Country
Lawrence Pennington
Wati Kutjarra




Urban Artists
Arone Meeks
Elsie Napanangka Granites
Janyinki Jukurrpa


Limited edition prints Limited Edition Prints

Making limited edition prints is a diverse and exciting new venture in many Aboriginal communities. This diversity is reflected in our Aboriginal Prints Gallery which includes a fine range of prints by leading artists from Arnhem Land, the Kimberley, Desert communities and the Tiwi Islands.

Urban print
Arone Meeks
This Healing Place
Arnhem Land print
Namiyal Bopirri
Crow Andiditj
Yuendumu print
Shorty Robertson
Ngapa Jukurrpa

Contemporary Aboriginal artists use a considerable variety of materials and techniques in painting. Some of these materials are rooted strongly in tradition - such as the use of ochre pigments in the Kimberley and bark from Arnhem Land. Other artists have adopted modern media and work with acrylic paints on canvas, archival paper or other surfaces.

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