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Artist BiographiesBiographies of Iwantja Artists


Below are some brief biographical details of artists who work with the Indulkana community art centre Iwantja Arts and Crafts. Paintings by these artists are available in our Indulkana Paintings section.

  • Dianne Robinson

Dianne Robinson

Language: Yankunytjatjara
Community: Indulkuna, South Australia

Dianne was born in Alice Springs, and her mother's country is at Indulkana, while her father's country is called Coobunya.

She grew up in Indulkana and attended the local primary school. She went to Inglefarm Boarding School in Adelaide and returned after graduation. She now has two children. Dianne worked at Community Aged Care for a couple of years and began work as an artist a few years ago at Iwantja.

Dianne Robinson


"I like to paint wild bush flowers in all their bright colours. Jukurrpa (dreaming) designs are good to paint. Some designs I have made got made into jewellery and I learnt how to make lino-prints as well. I want to keep painting and get better and better".

She is Indulkana's top selling artist and exhibited in the Desert Mob Exhibition 2006 and 2007.

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