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Artist BiographiesBiographies of Blackstone Artists


Below are some brief biographical details of artists who work with Papulankutja Artists at the Blackstone community. Paintings by these artists are available in our Blackstone Paintings section.

Cliff Reid

Birth Date: c1947
Language: Ngaanyatjarra
Place of Birth: Wannarn
Home: Papulankutja, WA

Cliff is a 'bush baby', meaning he was born out bush with his mother and father, travelling in a largely nomadic lifestyle.  He grew up in the Jameson area and went to school for a short time at Warburton Mission.
Cliff Reid, Blackstone

Cliff has three children with his first wife, Ivy, before moving to Blackstone where he married his second wife, Ruby. Together they have four children. Cliff started painting in 2003 and loves to tell the many stories associated with his paintings. 

He is a man of considerable intellect -he has an amazing memory and can tell wonderful stories about his own life and culture as well as stories of the white explorers who have come through this country. Cliff will tell you that his work is in the style of the rock carvings and paintings to be found in the central desert area.

Since June 2008, Cliff has been living in Alice Springs for medical reasons.

Ruby Reid

Language: Ngaanyatjarra
Place of Birth: Warburton area
Home: Papulankutja, WA

Ruby was born in the traditional way, out bush at Kurlkutjarra, a water hole in the Warburton region. Ruby came back to Blackstone with her father and mother in the early 1970s. 
Ruby Reid, Blackstone

Ruby's father, Fred Forbes, wanted his family to live a more traditional life in his country. Fred, like many had been encouraged to move with his family to Warburton during the Maralinga Tests. This country around Blackstone with its important dreaming stories needed his care.

Ruby is married to Cliff Reid and they have four children who live with them at Blackstone. Until recently Ruby was more known for her fibre work and she is one of the weavers who shared the Telstra art award for the Spinifex Toyota in 2005.

Katherine Jackson

Birth Date: 1971
Language: Ngaanyatjarra
Place of Birth: Warburton
Home: Papulankutja, WA

Katherine is the daughter of Reggie Jackson and his first wife Pantjiti Jackson. She lives at Blackstone with her husband and children. Much of her work is very personal in nature with designs that come from her family.

Katherine Jackson, Blackstone

Jean Yaritji Lane

Birth Date c1941
Language: Ngaanyatjarra
Place of Birth: West of Papulankutja
Home: Papulankutja, WA

Jean was a bush baby born somewhere between Jameson and Blackstone. Jean's family is strong in this area. She is a niece to Fred Untjima Forbes and half-sister and sister-in-law to Freda Lane.

Jean loves to paint and tell the story of the Seven Sisters. Jean worked on the making of the Spinifex Toyota that won the Telstra art award in 2005.

Jean Yaritji Lane, Blackstone

Winston Mitchell

Birth Date: c1952
Language: Ngaanyatjarra
Place of Birth: Bush country near Jameson
Home: Papulankutja, WA

Winston was born in the 'old way' out bush on the other side of Jameson (west of Blackstone). Later, he
went to school at the Warburton Mission. He is an important leader in the Papulankutja Community and a
strong Law Man.

Winston paints stories that are important in the Dreamtime with a relationship to strong men's Law and culture. His works represent designs for culture - some are designs for body painting used in men's law.

Winston Mitchell, Blackstone


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