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Prints from the Tiwi IslandsPrints from the Tiwi Islands


Tiwi prints and paintings are markedly distinct from those of nearby Arnhem Land. The art of ceremonial body painting has been practiced for thousands of years on the Tiwi Islands, and the traditional designs are derived from creation and other key stories. These long traditions continue to be expressed through paintings on bark and other surfaces - and more recently through limited edition prints.

For more information about Tiwi art, see the Tiwi paintings page, and the pages on Tiwi culture, Tiwi Creation stories and Tiwi ceremonial events (the annual Kulama or yam ceremony, and the mortuary or Pukumani ceremony).

There is no 'story' as such for individual prints, in the way that there often is for paintings from other parts of Australia. The main themes relate to the Pukumani and Kulama ceremonies and pwoja (body painting).

The prints are warranted by us to be as described and attributed (see our Shopping and online security policy). The prices shown are in Australian dollars - to check the equivalent price in other currencies, use the Currency Conversion link. For more details, see our Help section.


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